2020 roundup

Well, obviously 2020 has been a relentless waking nightmare of a year, but on a personal level it’s been a relatively good one. As a ‘key worker’ I’ve had the advantage of a steady income and routine, and the bairn has been a source of beautiful variety in the monotony of life in lockdown.

Writing wise, I have finally finished the fourth draft of my WIP “You She Me”, which is now awaiting a professional literary MOT from the esteemed Hal Duncan

I have had two short stories published this year:

How to Submit was published by Daily Science Fiction. This is my second story at DSF, and like the first, it’s short and ‘meta’. It’s a silly but dark satire that should resonate with anyone familiar with the process of trying to get their work published.

Sugar Coated was published by the incredible EM Faulds in Flotation Device, an anthology she created to raise money for charities helping those affected by Covid-19. It’s an easy read, written from the perspective of a young child, but it confronts some uncomfortable truths about Scottish Heritage. And it’s got a very festive setting, so if you’ve not read it yet, what better time than now! Point your browsers to flotationdevicebook.co.uk and taste this deceptively sweetened treat in this selection box of the delicious talent of our local writer’s circle.

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