Inktober 2021

My writing buddies at GSFWC wrote a prompt list for Inktober, to be used as inspiration for drawings, writings or whatever creative itch they set a-tingling in one’s skin.

I started off in a fairly impulsive, tongue in cheek direction, but things evolved into a bigger narrative (still with tongue firmly in cheek)

Drawing’s clearly not a strength of mine, but I do enjoy trying to communicate visually, and hopefully I’ve managed on some level!

Robot half asleep with alarm clock ringing by bed
1: Reawakened Technology

A robot windowshopping for a new robot face, pining after the fanciest most expensive one, which looks a little like a shark.
2: A New Face
Robot uses new antannae to aid Milky Way fishing trip and eats Earth
3: Sunken World
Robot sits on toilet looking at phone. Unseen, humans are living in the U-bend.
4: Forgotten Ruins
View through binoculaurs of shark-faced-robot brushing its teeth, and a shelf with original face and alternate limb modules (hook, scissors, flippers)
5: Watcher in the Dark
Robot swimming through space gobbling more and more planets with signs of life.
6: Can’t Help Programming
Hundreds of tiny human stickmen all holding each other up to form one giant powerful looking meta-humanoid
7: Small but Mighty
Robot climbs out the Milky Way, stars dripping from his torso. The MetaMan looks on, MetaManGun loaded and ready to shoot, but doesn't.
8: The Shot Not Taken
Metaman embraces robot from behind, arms reaching round to fiddle with knobs and switches
9: Against Nature
Hybrid Robot/Metaman (metaman head on robot body) sits on "Permits Only" sign (now reads "No Fishing"), holding a baseball bat threateningly.
10: Peacekeeper

Special thanks to Jenni Coutts for her work on the prompt list. Check out her own (far FAR superior!) drawings from the prompts on her twitter here.

Brian M Milton’s also responded to the prompts with microfictions that pack a big narrative punch in a tiny wee word count and vary in tone from slapstick horror to Teletubbies. You can read them all neatly collected on his blog here.

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