Incisive scrutin eyes, granted power to see
‘what’ this parliman ‘is’ and ‘who’ she should ‘be’
have come to tear, walking or screaming, her multimeality
from its rotting, sedentary, broken but own bone
to some safe, secure, sterile, psychiatric home
where true voices are silenced and democracies overthrown.

Oh voice of the voiceless! Ear of the unheard!
Oh saviour of multiversal autonomy!
Prevent our imperfect but fertile republic
becoming a state in the social monopoly!

“Well a knife is a knife but that’s a blunted shortcut point.
Its always many knives you see, always all at once.
Even chopping cheese it could still be slashing blood
or forcing parlemental actions by digging pointing threats
to the speaker’s backmind while splashing orange red.”

Speaker! Why do you resort to such unsubtle subterfugium?
You think this is a game we play? You think this is coercion?
If the captain flees to join the foe then who will rule the friend?
Abandon your duress call now! Or risk a revolution!

“You see, where you see serial uses of parallel potentials,
I only see that these knives and red oranges
are parallels to me, and I see
you want to peel it up and squash my squeezing segments
and that’s kind of you I’m sure but ha!
I see your kindness sliced like knives
for it’s also kind of not me!
You see, I run things differently in here.
The orange must be whole and red
and the Segmen equal and free!”

Incisive scrutin eyes are beginning to see
the hopelessness of their totalitarian diplomacy
and fire a glance behind them, where canines rise like towers
to tacitly remind her of their superior military powers.

Chieftain! Must you be reminded that this is war?
Dogfighting with words is like suicide bombing with swords!
Now spit fire spitfire! Show them who is boss!

Fired spit splatters over tired tolerant eyes.
With a jerk of their head and a flick of their tongue,
they summon the canines all pointed and strong.
Barking and clamping and stabbing and seeping
their synthetic psychotoxic venom inconfusions
are finding and winding round cabinets and unions
and tightening, binding her comrades in hiding
are blinded and gagged, thrown to molars that grind them
into a mixed up, saliva soaked, faded, bloated mass,
swallowed silently, churned and burned and half turned to gas.

Timeless darkness later,
the involuntary motion is passed.

Spit splattered scrutin eyes, trivial eyes, medical eyes,
normal eyes, real eyes,

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