Nephila Inaurata

I recently made a beautiful friend in Malawi and wrote a poem about her.

IMG_3611 for blog

She lived in the garden where I was staying. I visited her every day to try and capture all the different facets of her beauty on camera.

IMG_3683 for blog

Her name is Nephila Inaurata. She is a Golden Silk Orb Weaver, so called because of the big, beautiful golden webs she weaves.

IMG_3589 for blog

The web has been used to make a golden cape. It took millions of the poor wee treasures.

IMG_3576 for blog

The golden web shoots from a nightmarish blood red protrusion on her belly.

IMG_3629 for blog

I even got a nice video of her pulling the silk and wrapping a poor wee fly up in for later.

The poem I wrote tries to describe her appearance, starting from the red nightmare on her belly and working outwards from there. If read in a clockwise direction, the rhyming scheme matches up with her pairs of legs.


I will never forget her.


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