Endless Night

These winter nights lie long and cold

before you, like an icy road

that grants your well worn wheels no hold.

And so you spin

around and round, tossed to and fro

in frozen sin.


You rev your engine, not to gain

some hoped for ground, instead, to drain

your heart of salted, slushy pain

but it won’t bate.

What goes around comes back in veins

and circulates.


Your heat alone can not reduce

your load of pain. You need to use

some organs that change old for new.

Light, warm, fresh air

is waiting where you travel to

on this black glacier.


An astronaut sent through such space

would, with drugs, dilute to trace

the time and mind the travel takes.

But drugs won’t work.

You’d fall asleep, only to wake

back at the start.


Others sleep without a sound.

You hear their silence all around,

sliding over the frictionless ground.

Blind to night’s stare.

Deaf to their own baying hounds.

Life is not fair.


So curse the Gods that made you be

but gave you eyes so you could see

the distance that exists between

the man you are

and the man they made your eyes to see

as mankind’s par.


But pull and turn this rage inside

to burn the bane of your sick mind.

Your ice will melt. Your time will bide.

The sun goes down.

Another summer sinks behind

the long drawn blackout blind.

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